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2012-04-15 23:40:29 by NightmareDuck

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2012-04-15 23:41:03

I completely agree!


2012-04-19 01:42:32

Zachary Jones
Professor Jennifer Eberhardt
Music 189
19 November 2011

Concert Report

A short while ago I had the pleasure of seeing my first opera. That opera was a performance of The Pirates of Penzance that was done by Miami University students and employees. After a quiet Friday afternoon in my dorm room, I bundled myself up and went to the Opera, partly out of boredom and partly out of a desire to complete this assignment. It is not in my nature to see too many plays and theatrical performances, as I am more of a lover of cinema, so this was refreshingly new activity for me. As stated before, I have never seen an opera before and had no idea what to expect. ThatâEUTMs not to say that I was a complete virgin to the experience (I have seen my fair share of high school plays and concerts), but it was something that I was totally unfamiliar with. With that in mind, I sat through the entire performance.

Going into the opera, I arrived early and found it to be remarkable similar to the any of the other plays that I had frequented. While it was much larger in scale, the play was like the high school productions I was accustomed to in that they had a ticket person take my money and provide me with a ticket and program, they allowed me to choose where to sit, they gave an appropriate intermission for me to stretch myself out and use the bathroom, and they allowed for applause to be given to all of the performers at the end of the show. This was comforting as I was expecting to look like a total idiot in new surroundings, but it appeared as if opera, or at least this one, was deeply rooted with traditional theatrical setting. The set was nice, brightly lit, and properly equipped to handle the sounds that were being produced and have them be audible. The actors were well rehearsed and loud and were dressed in some fine costumes, which I believe to have been the work of a competent costumes expert. The program I was given was lengthy and described everything I needed to know, from the actorsâEUTM names to a plot synopsis of the entire play. If it seems like IâEUTMm rambling here, I apologize. All I mean to say is that this opera was like a typical play in my book: Professionally done. It was comforting to see it done this way and I was impressed with how welcoming it was.